Charismatic Modi ji

If there would be perfect word to describe our Indian Prime Minister,  I would choose ‘Charisma’ as the one. Day by day, his image and respect are increasing. His body language, eloquent speech and marketing skills are at par. Couple of my personal favorite attributes of Modi ji are his clarity of thoughts and marketing style.

Vision – His speeches are crystal clear. He seems to be a Doer rather than just a Dreamer. Be it the Clean India initiative or the Foreign Policy considerations, he is absolutely impressive and his vision is very much visible.

Marketing – Gujarat model is a profound word used in India and is being referred many a times as a classic model. But is it just Gujarat that has seen tremendous developments? There are many other states that were equally developing but not had enough marketing.Be it the recent Teachers Day meet with Students or the New York Madison square gathering, it has reached almost every common man. As we all know, he is a good marketing man, he is very active in social networks and wherever he goes, the media follows. Also, he ensures that a thought is put into action very soon.

A classic example of his mix of Vision and Marketing is the Clean India initiative. The vision was very clear that India must come out from the list of Dirtiest Countries of the World. It was immediately implemented by the PM with style. Oct 2 nd, unlike usual programs of every year, our PM took the broom stick and cleaned a street and thereby acted as a Role model for all of us. With right authority, he laid the foundation of his vision by asking the Government servants to carry out the cleaning. The icing on the cake was the nomination of the right celebrities to promote the initiative.

My next favorite move was the meeting he had in US with the CEOs of top companies. Increasing the job opportunities for Indians was one of the key topics and it was very well emphasized and more importantly it was made known to the aam aadmi via the media.

With our PM’s charisma and his current swing, seems to be India is on the right track and right hands slowly. Fingers Crossed.

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  • Athenas Take

    Surely he has the charisma and clear vision and lets all keep our fingers crossed.