Chennai: Hardcopy reading is not hard!


Interestingly Chennai is a city with conservative and progressive outlook. The undisputed capital of Dravidian culture can keep herself alive in everything. Tamils and Malayalees are known, especially, for their eagerness to learn.Kerala remains top in education even in the day where Gujrat is projected as best. The Industrial growth and intellectual growth can go in parallel in Tamil nadu.


The interest of reading hard  copy – printed books in the state of Tamil nadu is growing exponentially in recent past. The State which is mocked for making cine heroes as chief minister is balanced.


The BAPASI – Book publishers association is having the book fair organized every year in major cities of the state. The blogging capital is thirsty in reading the hardcopy books too. The language of the state is one of the most frequently used Indian languages in the internet.


This year the lanes were named after nelson Mandela and Harry potter too, as said one of my friend who visited this. Uma Shankar, an Infosys employee says it was difficult to cover the breadth and with of three lanes in a day. He did buy books of worth 3000 Rs.


Shivasankar, an IT professional from cap Gemini feels it was interesting to seeing the best books. He did buy books from Vikatan house of publishing. The Keelaikatru did line up with Communist books. The famous ‘O! pakkangal’ go for sales in Gnani (the author of the book)’s cube.


The Creofiren venkatesh has bought books of varied topics. I think I can take those once I get chance to visit him. How does the book culture started growing in the state ? The IT Tamil population is more interested in knowing about every topic. Knowing has become an experiment in their life.


But the fact is most of the Tamil publishers have really failed to produce the quality which is expected. Few of the books from very famous publishers seem to be copy paste or translated page from Wikipedia. The Originality is missing in most of the books.


Tamils need original books along with translated books. The idea of conceiving thoughts is really not in the place.Let the independent thinkers of the state use this opportunity to produce quality books. However, the quintessential fact is – ‘marketing is important.’