Chennai Syndrome: A New sick in Bollywood pics


Chennai is the undisputed capital of Dravidian culture – this is how once ‘lonely planet’ on its guide to foreigners described the city of south India.

 Chennai is a symbol to  south India. Its Tamil or Telugu; Kannada or Malayalam everything is Madras’ is what the rest of the nation thinks. For them there is a language existing – Madrasi. Chennaites are low-profile maintainers, conservative, Idly and Rajini lovers for the whole of north India. But Chennai is more. Chennai is Detroit of east. South India is the IT hub of the nation. In the neighborhood of Chennai there was the first stone temple of the world. Chennai is near to French Rivera of India. Chennai posses more knowledgeable literate crowd than any metro cities of the nation.

Lungi is not the national dress of Chennai or south. Lungi is Pajama of Chennai. Idly is Pasta of Chennai.

Sickles are sick even to south Indians. The Movie industry of north is taking a safer route by copying success movies of south India. They branded it as ‘Madras Cut’. Madras Cut is nothing but masala in south Indian flavor. It is Mahadheera of Telugu or Sivaji of Tamil – both are Masala Madras Cut movies.

On reality, South produces internationally, acclaimed movies like Lucia, Paradesi, Angadi Theru, Ram, Onayum Aattukuttiyum and so on.

Chennai guys are not Sambar drinking guys. But stereo typing is easy and essential for movie industry. No Movie industry is exemption. In Tamil movies still mallu girls comes in mundu. But the Sick is more now. After Chennai express and Madras Café, there is another direct film coming from Bollywood – 2 states.

2 States can be original than Chennai express. It is half biography of Punjab born Chennai’s son-in-law Chetan Bhagat. The movie is based on the bestselling novel by Mr Bhagat. 2 states brings out the stero-types in the centre stage. In Chennai Express it was Satyaraj, in 2 states it is Revathi , another great talent of south.

I am waiting for the movie. Let us see whether the movie brings  the magic of novel or not.

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