Cheryl’s Birthday – Puzzling Math Problem

Dr Joseph Yeo Boon Wooi, a mathematics professor, is the man behind the viral math problem "Cheryl's birthday".

Dr Joseph Yeo Boon Wooi, a mathematics professor, is the man behind the viral math problem “Cheryl’s birthday”.

Education is nothing but a tool to make money in the era and the nation we live. Indian education which was at peak in the past was made to loss its glory for multiple reasons.

Still Indians are considered to be analytically best across the globe. Particularly, this applies to south Indians.

On this juncture, I was able to see a viral video posted by a TV host from Singapore. Singapore is couple of hours from Chennai where right now I installed as an IT employee.  Singapore also has a sizable group of people speaking the official language Chennai – Tamil. Tamil is official in Singapore too.

Let’s not get into similarities of Chennai and Singapore. Let’s speak about the Math, Singapore asked its kids of 11 years old.

Looking at the age of the students facing this question, the education seems to be more advanced in Singapore or trying to be – which may has its pros and cons.

Though the viral video was going around the world, even graduated youths and elders find it difficult to solve the problem. This includes the friend of mine, who forwarded this video to me.

There are three characters in this math: Cheryl, Albert and Bernard. Cheryl would like to toss a math problem to Albert and Bernard. She want both of them find her birthday. She says her birth date to Bernard and birth month to Albert. Now, they have to find the exact birthday.

The options thrown are 15th of May and Aug, 16th of May and July, 19th of  May, 17th of Jun and Aug, 14th of Jul and Aug, 18th Jun. Now, there at two statements that can help you to get the answer.

The First statement is from Albert stating neither he nor Bernard knows the answer. Closely analyzing this you can cut down few options and can come back to the second statement now. The statement says both of them know (after cutting down options) the birthday now.

Though the problem seems to be interesting and brain tickling but for 11 years old this too much. Let’s play more until 7 and will start learning after that.

Goodness, I am not a Singapore student of age 11.


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