China: Nascent Democracy

Did you ever imagine, The Tinanmen Sqaure nation can shut the plans for a nuclear plant because of the local residents call for a rally? But China has started imagining democracy in minuscule. While China is being criticized for its pseudo communism or communistic capitalism, looks it started marching towards democracy.

India, the world’s largest democracy is China’s neighbor and competitor to her in almost every field. The present premier of China visited India in his first foreign visit after he took over the office. He called India an Important nation.

Mr Singh said – ‘There is space for both’. Looks China is competing with India for space of democracy.

But speculations are always dangerous for the bamboo cotton country. In the second week of July, the red nation announced shelving the plan of the nuclear plant.

Tamil Nadu Nuclear Plant ProtestIndia which has constructed a nuclear plant in Kudankulam, very near to the neighboring Sri Lanka, is adamant in opening it despite the protest against the local residents. On the other hand, China which is famous for crushing people protests is walking in democratic lines. Even after Sri Lanka complained about the danger of Kudankulam, India continued with the plan. India influenced Lanka to mute mode.

There was huge cry in Kudankulam same as Guangdong of China. Both the people were against the nuclear plant. Both are worried about their life security. The fear for life is common across globe. Nuclear plant is like growing atom bomb in your backyard.

In London one of the China’s icon said ‘China will achieve real democracy’ – it was in the year 2011.

Looks India may need to learn democracy from China. Indian communists can call India to learn from China on acting against the nuclear plant. After the fall of Soviet Union, Indian communists believe China as their intellectual master.

Let’s get Kudankulam also closed.

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