Churchill’s Cigar


It was once when I was in abroad; I was offered a menu which had a drink named after Bombay. If my memory is correct, it was Bombay sapphire which was offered in the menu. Bombay Sapphire is a distilled Dry gin. I heard about famous Havana Cigars of Cuba. One of my friends at work place was speaking about the fame and taste of Havana Cigars.

My memory glares years back, when I was discussing about the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes with one of my online friend living in Australia – We stuck with cigar in the story.

The Cigar comes from the Rock fort city of the southern province, Tamil Nadu of India. The Cigars were defined with elementary dearness by the author. The Cigar had a special place in the heart of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as it had a permanent place in the lips of one of the tallest leaders of the Union Jack Nation, Sir Vincent Churchill. I suspect that is the reason the first of the series of Sherlock Holmes had the mention of the rock fort city cigar. The Trichinopoly is anglicized name of Thiruchirappalli, Rock fort city of Tamil Nadu. The City has heritage that can compete with any of the Sangam cities of the state.

Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Temple of Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu - 1860's

Rockfort City (Trichy)

The Chola Kings, who ruled  South India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia and few more still stays as icon of Tamil pride. Few of the iconic constructions of Chola’s are in Trichy, the present shortened name of Thiruchirappalli by the modern Tamil Society.

When Churchill can easily appear in your mind when you think of Cigar, For Tamils- AniCut, a dam built by the early Chola kingdom before 10 AD is one of the longest surviving oldest dams of India comes to their memory. Cholas were known for water management. Suryavarman of Cambodia, who few researchers suspect as Tamil was part of the Khmer dynasty of famous Angkor Wat did manage millions of water running over his city and reserved. Rock Structure in the city is older than Himalayas.

Tamil Nadu literally required water management due the geography it enjoys. Tamil Nadu has no perennial river which can serve the Cholas.

Though the Cigar of Trichinopoly is cheaper and mentioned by Sir Doyle as the cigar used by the murderer, the same cigar was favorite to one of the prestigious British PMs of the past. The Cigar was called as Trichies or Tritchies. Though the name comes from the Rock fort city, the Rock fort city did not produce it but it was Dindigul, a nearby second tier city of the same state which produces. It was exported from Trichy. Prime Minister Churchill was particular about it. He did not want to loss it even when the Second World War is in peak tension. He wanted that to be specially export to him. The Cigar served as major export from Trichy in the Victorian Era.

The only state in the Indian nation where state owns the Alcohol bars may not shy away from the glamor of Trichinopolies.

I end with a safety note “Smoking kills – even if it is Churchill”


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