Clearing The Past


When raised a question on the most difficult task in one’s personal life, we might get a variety of answers. Nonetheless, all might probably think again, if we post the question like, “Do you think you can totally get rid of your past from your mind?”

Over years, life turns out to be a pack of experiences, both bitter and better. Learning from the experience is always better. Yet, post learning, clearing the past becomes a challenging phase, to many. The human mind is a puzzling piece, holding its secrets. Understanding human behavior – even at the personal level- begins only with attempting to understand the mind.

As the outcome of our life, we earn experiences. Some are pleasant memories enticing us whenever refreshed. Some other bad memories are ‘mood suckers’. No matter how enthusiastic you feel, a fragment of bitter memory that rises in the mind is potential enough to sweep away your optimism completely. There is no denying that everyone’s past comprises both of these. We seek to reside on the pleasant memories, most of the time, to relive in the moment. As J.K puts it in his book ‘What are you doing with your life?’ Every one seeks lasting happiness. But what we all really search for? To put it in his words,

“If we strip ourselves of all the words and phrases, and actually look at it, this is what we want. We want permanent pleasure”.

We keep on pushing the Happy Moments button, just because of this pleasure seeking tendency. Human mind graves for constant gratification.  Well, this at least is not lethal. How about the other part, by the way?

If our past memories are filled with only pleasantness, none would ponder over the necessity of clearing the past at all. But reality is otherwise. All the negativity in us center around or even emerge from these ‘Bad Memories’. This is when we begin to consider clearing the past as vital task. Sadly our neural network doesn’t have the Ctrl+Alt+Delete facility. So whatever is to be done is to be done only manually. Not always we are offered a choice.



The tentacles of the past keep brushing our present. Naturally almost all of us wish to relive only the pleasant past. Yet, the other half accompanies as well. If you are chased by an intense bad memory, try pressing the ‘refresh button’ of your mind. The fabric of human memory remains intact only by refreshing. While you choose not to recall anything from the past- both good and bad – over time they fade away. You always can derive pleasant memories, to cherish in the future, now. To realize this, getting rid of the bitterness from the past is more preliminary.

It’s better to remember this, now! Forgetfulness is as much a gift as memory to the human kind.

So, Clear your past to Change your Future.


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