Cleopatra: Necessity to be a Witch!

Cleopatra - Ancient Egypt - History Painting Greart Art - Peter Crawford

It is always easy to assassinate the character of women. It is always easy for women to gain power with their soft skills.

Politics is a dangerous game. It is a trap. No Politician is a peaceful human being. Cleopatra was no exception. She was partner for two and mother of four.

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony were her partners in life. She equated her to the Greek godess Isis.

It was suspected that Caesar and Cleopatra wanted a new world order. It was believed Cleopatra wanted to rule the world. She looked Caesar as path to achieve it. Poor Caesar was killed in the middle by his aides with the unkindest cut of Brutus writing the last line of his life.

Cleopatra’s plan was fully foiled. Now the Roman Empire was virtually divided into two like post world war II Germany. One half was with Octavian and the other half was with Mark Antony. Antony was famous for his ability to loss self control while Octavian known to use his staff in right manner at the time of crisis.

Cleopatra was beautiful and scandalous too. It was Octavian propaganda that Cleopatra can sleep with any Tom and Dick. But the Egyptian records state different. Cleopatra’s high priority was Egypt.

Julius Caesar

Cleopatra by blood – she was a Greek. She took too many steps get herself closer to native Egyptians like Alexander, the great. She was part and parcel of Alexandria at her times. Alexander was god per Oracle.

Cleopatra was result of incest. But that was the tradition of her pedigree.

Cleopatra cannot be appreciated for her all misdeeds. But the world knows her mostly through the prism of Octavian propaganda. Octavian Propaganda made her sex symbol and registered her as venomous and scandalous.

Cleopatra had the necessity to be venomous and scandalous. Love and war has no rules. Her life was a war to save Egypt but may not be with real love as we look through the prism of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

It is good to be away from politics. But it is and was necessary for someone to be in politics. Cleopatra was one such.

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