Come In equality; not Inequality


The poorest man’s wish would be that he should get food at least for that day. Perfectly Logical

What would be the wish of the richest man? More wealth? In most cases its a yes, and if yes, how much more?

The answer for this question is out.  Oxfam report says, the combined wealth of top 1% of the global population would overtake the rest very soon.

Alarming !!! But how was this state reached? I don’t totally accept to the say that rich men are greedy and they accumulate more. There are pacman s out there eating everything but there are huge philanthropists as well who gives away a large portion of money to the ones in need. We cannot really expect all super rich to be extremely generous to maintain the socio economic levels. At the same time this level of inequality is also unacceptable. So whats the solution? Many thoughts from many people, some say communism as a remedy, some argue ‘education for all’ as a remedy

Well I am neither an economist nor an expert in this subject matter but according to me, a couple of  things would be a good start to tackle this problem.

1)  Change to come from every individual – I wanted to quote an incident here. I was in the electric train. I saw a blind beggar singing a song and asking for money from the passengers. Like most of  them there, I also didn’t put any money. To my surprise, I saw a poor fruit vendor who made her very little money for that day by selling banana to passengers, donated a coin to the beggar. Begging is wrong and I am not a supporter of that, but for a moment, I was taken aback by the scene. Hats off to that fruit vendor. So, it doesn’t matter how much we earn or save, instead, do we have the heart to donate however little it is? I think if every individual( be it a middle classer or a super rich ) starts to develop this attitude, there can be a change.

2) Proportional tax- the first point might just be a soft skill that on the long run would curb inequality but I seriously believe the other important step to be taken by government is to emphasis proportional tax. There should no more be the same tax rules for all classes. This way the government can be a legal and soft Robin Hood.

But these are the points of view from this common man. Let’s wait and watch how this is handled in the Davos World economic forum.


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