Confessions of a IT guy

One of the most hard working guy I saw while I was growing up was my dad. He was working for a private firm in the accounts department. Not a 9 – 5 job, no concept of vacation, he even worked on Sundays if needed, still his stress level was way lesser than a current IT guy,who has weekend off, vacations, work from home and socializing network.


So, my blog here is some true confessions of a IT guy.

Deadlines – The first challenge any IT person faces is the deadline, especially in case of a tough client. In true sense, though there would be a huge variety of reasons behind this, the simple one line reason is Improper Planning. Improper planning from whom? Right from the project manager until the last person working in that project, this one prevails. Everyone bites off more than they can chew either knowingly or in most cases unknowingly in a over ambitious mode . Stress starts here.

Delivery – Now the real delivery within the committed deadlines. Well, unlike any other industry,  the deliverables here undergo constant changes and so there would be more fuel added to the flames. Alongside, there would be usual hiccups such as resources on holiday, infrastructure issues etc. So, here again I would say the Improper Planning impacts the delivery and stress levels increase to the next level.

Resource Crunch – Technology and Tools vary across industries, across geographies, across clients and it is quite a bit of a challenge to have all right resources at disposal. So, the best way to handle this is to have multi- functional, flexible and adaptable resources who could survive anywhere but the problem here is they must be handled well otherwise they quit and the result of those quits would have a ripple effect. The stress levels of management reach almost the peak here which is further passed on to the team. Proper planning and proper resource handling managers are the key here.

Recognition –  Last but not least, after under going all these stress and somehow finishing the project within an agreeable tolerance of deadline, an employee is not recognized well enough. Why? Because, its just not one, its the entire IT community of the company who would have been in this same boat; rewarding and recognizing all of them is really tough. So what happens? Satisfied ones stay, others quit.

Planning, Planning, Planning – These are the three keywords to tackle all these issues. Easier said I agree but the truth is this. Saying NO to extra work is the first step. Resource planning (with appropriate skill set and back ups) is the next step, last but not least is the planning of work for which there should be a streamlined way mentored by the company and the same must be adhered by the employees.

If all of these happens in the right spirit, IT can be a stress free industry I believe.

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