Congress: is it RIP?

Rahul Gandhi: Not helping Congress

Rahul Gandhi: Not helping Congress

Indian National Congress (INC), the grand old party of India seems to be not doing anything good even after its very bad debacle in the last parliament elections. Congress seems not doing anything to bring back to its past glory. The reluctant prince of INC is more reluctant than ever.

Congress is getting non-existent in most part of the nation. Seems Congress is neither doing retrospect nor doing self improvement. The recent elections of the national capital shows, Congress is not in picture. Few media houses called Congress as distant third in Delhi Elections.

Sonia Gandhi: Not sure, What to do ?

In few of the states, congress is becoming irrelevant. In the big states like Tamil Nadu, Congress seems to be in Intensive Care Unit.

The Challenges before congress is to get its members motivated. A decade of rule lead by Congress had large scale scams and failure in maintaining economy.

Manmohan Singh: Last Congress Prime Minister

On the same token, Congress lacks energetic and motivational leader. Few leaders inside the party feel, bringing Priyanka into the party may make the party to come back. Priyanka was able to hit the headlines with her emotional speeches. But the biggest problem is still the leaders believe only Nehru-Gandhi family can rescue the party.

After mishandling the economics, congress mishandled getting benefit out of its own acts. Telungana was created by INC. But INC did not get any fruit of it.

Congress mishandled EELAM (Tamil homeland of Sri Lanka) issue. It is with no friends in Tamil Nadu.

On the other hand, BJP is able to make strong foot prints in Muslim majority states like Jammu and Kashmir.

Per few of the youngsters, it is better if Congress is no more. There are parties derived roots from Congress and they can become neo-congress.

It is not to have No Congress or No other isms. It is required to have good politics. Seems Congress is not interested for now.

Congress needs emergency help!

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