Congress Single digit’ed


Protagonist of long time Indian history is routed out in the capital of the nation. Indian National Congress which spear-headed the freedom movement in the colonial era transformed a political party of Independent India. The Grand old party is aged 100+. The party continues with same name and pan India appeal, but started to lose grounds when Indra took hold of the party. But she was able to revert things to an extent. The concept of not having popular regional leaders at any state did the spoil job for the party.

The Party ruled the national capitalDelhi for three consecutive terms. Delhi, a peculiar state hood state which does not hold the police department under gets security under the complex Home ministry lead by under-performing national government. It was expected Congress to be routed from the day the International community started looking the national capital as insecure for women due to the gang rape in private transport before her friend who is a boy.

India, famous for Terror attacks was hailed for its great culture did start declining for the very fact – Indian women are not safe inside India.The Gang rape was a start to crush congress path. But there was huge anti-incumbency existing even before it.

Aam Admi Party is the real hero which tried to show case the power of common man. The Mango Men sent a very strong message ‘Mam go Mam’ (Shiela dixit  to Go). It was really intentional by the BJP and INC to under-estimate AAP.

AAP headed by Arvind’s team has a credible conscience of common men of the national capital. The Anti-Corruption and Security card did play well for the AAP.

The Three time chief minister was routed at her home constituency. She was defeated by AAP’s chief team member Arvind Kejrival. Still Yoginder Yadav, the national executive member is still calm and quite.

The AAP is matured and capable of making great changes in the national capital. It would have been better if the CD sting operation did not happen, AAP might have won. Arvind Kejriwal is modi of delhi. But Modi is not AK of India.

Congratulations to the team of Arvind Kejriwal. Plan for changes, Mates. India needs a change.

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