Consumer Technology: The Game Plan


On any given day, just log on to Google news and browse through its Technology section. What you get to read on those latest updates is pitched around the latest Gadgets and gizmos, with their features listed down. Ever increasing processing powers, shrinking sizes, smarter features, more and more storage options and a lot more added tech glamour are said to be loaded in those devices. But what are we guided to do with those technological sophistications?




Predominantly the news on technology carries the newer smart phones and Tablets and many other similar devices hitting the market every day. Among the highlights of such devices you would read some features reiterated irrespective of their brand or model. Some of them which you read often in those articles mostly similar to the following: A quad core processor that helps to perform heavy applications. This makes the device to run even games with high end graphics butter smooth. It plays almost all the latest file formats of both audio and video without any issues. All the HD videos are played smooth on the ultra modern display panel of so and so pixel resolution. This device comes with a front phasing so and so pixel camera for video chats and a powerful back camera of so and so pixel that lets you take pictures and capture HD videos.

Well, I might blah blah a lot which you know it all very well. Of all the umpteen features that a gadget might flaunt it has one thing we could find in common is that it all centers on entertainment. Any product of consumer technology- a smart phone, a tab, a music player, a computer you name it- lists itself to be a power house entertainer in recent years, despite it has many other constructive options other than merely entertaining its owner.

Two things can be inferred from this. One, consumers are entertainment crazy. They want keep them entertained no matter where they are. Two, making a generation more and more immersed in entertainment, people in power who are safely out of this crazy world of fantasy can do anything at will. The entertainment boom is a carefully conceived and constructed psychological trap to captivate and engage the thinking mind. Now you could understand one thing clearly. The second begets the first.


You and Media


A serious mind would be aware of what happens around it and curious to know the reasons behind them. The mind that is bombarded with never ending no-brainer stuff begins to lose its ability to think. Never a question or an enquiry rises from a mind that seldom thinks. It becomes passive and inactive upon its continuous engagement with things that no longer claim his intelligence and rationalization.

The media is the most powerful weapon that could hit both ways. But the mainstream media is under the complete control of a handful lot, which hold the thrones of power. Consumer Technology and devices are inevitable to access the information of any kind. Meticulous steps are taken all over to ensure that the media is swarmed with unwanted stuff to keep the receptors- the public- engaged. Not many escape the trap and safeguard their ‘free thinking’.


All Media


Eminent British science fiction writer in his masterpiece 2001: A space odyssey wrote, “The more advanced and sophisticated our communication systems become the more trivial the news we exchange through it gets”.

How true!

Of all the awareness required of the modern man Media Awareness is the most important and need of the hour.




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