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“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”, said Mr. Johann Von Goethe. I think Creofire is one of the vital forces in my life to stay true to those words. I am happy to have this space to write which doesn’t just help me to gather knowledge, but also helps to soothe the inner turmoils and menacing doubts. Creofire definitely has a good average number of viewers. Yet, I feel we could do better with the hits. Amidst the sordid, soul-crushing click-bait articles and writings propagating hatred or articles that misconstrue cockeyed popular opinion as fact, I feel our content is far better and rich enough to reach more readers.

We will try our best to expand the scope of our site. And, we need some help from the readers too. Just keep sharing if you feel the content is worthy enough to be shared. Nevertheless, we never write wondering about the no. of hits it will gain. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the hits, but those numbers doesn’t dictate the quality of our brief articles. There are surely lot of times I feel that I should stop writing for Creofire or any other sites. Nobody is gonna cry over if I stop writing because I am neither good at this nor a powerful man whose voice is going to matter.

Yet, when I watch another good movie or read a great book or come across rage-inducing social or political injustices or learn about people who impart motivation, the need to pen my thoughts almost becomes a reflex. The four year journey with Creofire has bestowed me with this positive addiction. So even if the stats wane, our quest to learn & share knowledge won’t be cut down.

Thanks to all those who have given our site a glance



Every year this day is becoming more and more important to our team. It’s like dreaming while we’re wide awake. More nostalgia has been shared while commemorating Creofire’s birthday in the past three years. So let me not repeat it this time too. But, you see nothing soothes a person that reliving the wonderful moments. Perhaps that’s human tendency, and I’m not exceptional, after all. The mind plays the same favorite moments, just melting in the ecstasy it offers. Sure this day comes in the list while I, the entire team Creofire for that matter, ride again to the alleys of our mental lanes.

Unlike the past years, where we usually thank our beloved readers- that has become a beloved ceremonial act over the years – for their support, this yearI wish add something more to the usual dose of sharing. Many of you who frequent to stop by us to read on the posts might surely have noticed it as well.

In all these four years, we haven’t failed to update the contents weekly twice, at least. Hardly few weeks could be reserved as exceptional. But around this April fourth week, something happened. The site went down. Not just ours, but everything that was hosted in the server we share the space with, went down. Initially we assumed it to be a minor technical glitch. Hoping that we might bounce back in a couple of days, we stayed cool. Sooner, our site admin came up with a bad news, that the entire server is now actually hosting viruses instead of web contents. That was a bomb.

Since none of our team mates are full timers working for the site, trouble shooting and cleaning the viruses, off the server, was quite a task. Besides all these technical stuff sounds Hebrew to me (Greek and Latin in this place seems cliché). So there was nothing I could do but wait. The wait became the longest gap. Creofire literally vanished from the digital universe for about a month. Shattered in April 23rd we were able to come back only by May 20th.

Team Creofire extends its apologies. Though the site traffic was crawling after the comeback, within days we managed to climb to our usual ‘hits altitudes’. This was a surprise gift to us. If we are able to bounce back to normalcy this quick, after a long gap, it just shows one thing.  A few sweet readers out there were waiting for us to come back. This’ we feel is the best thing to remember this year.

Thanks All! We will keep coming!

Happy Reading! Keep Thinking!

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  • Congrats, Arun Kumar, Jo and Team… Keep on Writing, We will be reading.. Happy Birthday Creofire…… Cheers…. 🙂