Creofire- The Toddler





It was a dream, four years old. It was realized in a café shop over a milk shake. Team Creofire just had two to begin with. We wanted to start a website that stands out of the regular blogosphere routine and style. My pal Venkatesh, addressed belovedly as Vengi within the team, stood by me and promised to materialize the dream that filled my head and had it swimming for a few weeks then.

We were particular about one thing- The content of the writing. While I had initially doubted over the reception of the work that we were about to put ourselves in, which might probably take our entire leisure for it, Vengi would encourage with one slogan. ‘Content is the King’, he said. He repeats this whenever we talk about the practicality of running the site. Perhaps he always pulled the right string  that keeps Creofire ticking.

Here I see my infant Creofire, now a toddler, making his best efforts with his first steps. What else would a dad want than to see his child growing sound and safe in front his eyes?!

I always have a personal, sentimental attachment with Creofire because he was born exactly 6 days before my son Creo Welkin (As a father I remember naming him  uniquely, which mean ‘I create heaven’. And that little rascal deserves the name. 🙂 ) saw the day of his light.

Creofire aims at blending information with entertainment. The Tagline ‘An Infotaining Leisure Spot’ thus found its way to sit under the title. We intended to shape it as a platform that brings the ‘unspoken’ to the public forum. Content vise this site saves itself from the usual paths taken by personal blogging. Occasionally, to mark some special moments, like remembering this day with this piece of writing.

The team over this couple of years has grown from two to five; thanks to whatever that brought the likeminded pals together during the first year itself. Arun and I have a personal friendship for years. I was in fact hesitating to invite him to the team for he was already busy with his cinema blog. His blog had already gained its recognition and found its way to the list of best Indian blogs. But the moment I placed the proposal he took it with pleasure. His maturity in observing the issues and clarity in writing has certainly brought a privilege to Creofire. And so are Ct’s works mostly analyses of politics and current affairs and that of Raghav’s musings on the topics we fail to take up. This has enabled to maintain the variety of the topics we bring to our readers without compromising the quality of the content.

At this moment we, the Team Creofire extend our warmest greeting and heartfelt thanks to all of you, our beloved readers, whom I always love to address as ‘Creofireans’. Without your encouragement and supoort we would’ve never been able to put up this much effort and run the show for these couple of years and looking eagerly for the coming years.


Thanks a billion mates! Love you all!

Keep Reading. Happy Thinking. 🙂



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