Creofire Turns One




Some dream bugs never let one sleep. We were too bitten by a bug a year ago. In fact the bug was latent for a long time in the dark alleys of the memory lanes. It is still a wonder to trace back the exact birth moment of long time dream actualizing. Perhaps the inception of Creofire was realized the moment we’re able to recognize our thought trains rest in the same station. That should be the moment when the corner stone for Creofire was laid.

To be honest I never believed that we’ll make it this much. With just three guys as content writers and a techie as the admin at the back end, this brainchild takes his first step today. Since inception we were stubborn in maintaining the quality of the content in the site without letting ourselves blown away by the ‘Hits’ hurricane. We wished to touch topics that are either untouched or less showcased in the main stream media, print or digital. We four make the Team Creofire. (You know the three writers, and our admin is Mr.Venkatesh.)

The word ‘Creofire’ is a neologism. ‘Creo’ in Spanish mean ‘I create/I believe’ and ‘fire’ is the ‘Symbol of knowledge’. To put it short Creofire is not just our site’s name but also our motto.

This article is not to brag what we’re doing, but this is an opportunity to let us speak to our dear readers, fellow Creofireans, of the intentions of CREOFIRE. We consider the contents penned for the site as a kind of ‘Writing Activism’ at a smaller scale, now meeting the eyes of over 300 readers’ everyday, worldwide. Adding some attractive flavors would certainly rise our ‘hit meter’ but we are more concerned about the quality of the readership than quantity.




Over the past years, despite the serious contents that fill the pages of the site, we’ve managed to register steady growth. This is a healthy scenario and you’re all behind this. We dream even bigger. We don’t want Creofire site to reduce into a feeder of food for thought. We are aware that our site has managed to attract a sizeable ‘silent’ readership. Though they don’t comment on the contents of the site their presence, we consider, precious. We wish to spread the tentacles of Creofire and morph it into a platform of Socio-Cultural and ideological exchanges where like minds should collaborate and initiate igniting fellow minds at a massive scale. Every great movement begins with few passionate minds oozing with hope, and so is Creofire, we believe.

We’re aware of the power of the social networking media and we’ve a dedicated page for Creofire in Facebook. Unlike fan pages which are ubiquitous in FB we wish our page to be a café, a meeting spot for pensive minds. Despite the information being displayed in our site’s home page we find no friends in FB (, though half of our readers are from US alone.

Team Creofire happily welcomes you with arms wide open to our FB page where we might have a healthy and constructive discussions and exchange thoughts and ideas. We’re sure our beloved readers are well informed of the great number of FB pages with valuable information and large scale activism do fill the ocean of entertainment and time killing stuff that swarm the facebook.

We also want to share the Creofire platform for those who would like to actively collaborate. Today on the First Birthday of Creofire, we happily welcome writings from Creofire readers (Reach us at [email protected]). Depending on the quantum of response we hopefully look forward to create regular Guest Columns.


A good idea is worth sharing and a deserving thought is worth spreading.


Again we extend our warmest greeting to all our beloved Creofireans on Creofires first birthday.


Happy Birthday Creofire, my baby !


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  • Wow, congratulations 🙂 Happy Birthday….

  • Venkatesh CreofireTeam

    Thanks Alok 🙂

  • Deepak Amembal

    Happy Blogversary!!

  • Venkatesh CreofireTeam

    Thanks Deepak 🙂

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    Happy birthday to the Creofire Team . thanks for letting us know the meaning..I really wondered always what does this mean.. 🙂

    • You are welcome 🙂

    • Venkatesh CreofireTeam

      You are welcome