Cricket – No Gentlemen’s Game

1983 – India won the ICC cricket world cup under the captaincy of Kapil dev. It was a news for the cricketing countries, that a super team is in initial stages. After that, Pakistan and Srilanka too won the same cup. Even India lifted the cup again when the last ICC world cup took place in the sub continent.

All the sub continent countries except Bangladesh did lift the cup at least once. this has created cricket a religion in this region.

Lalit modi, an MBA in sports brought up the idea of IPL – Indian Premier League. IPL idea was heavily influenced by successful EPL – English Premier League.

IPL is culmination of glamor, sports and entertainment. Most teams of IPL are either owned by bollywood stars or advertised by the. IPL has cheer leaders and after match parties. The Indian cultural police forces which tend to support the Hindu nationalistic party BJP refuse to remember Mr. Arun Jaitley. the Rajya Sabha leader of the party holds a powerful chair in BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India)

Money became priority than the spirit of the game in IPL. when you see a sixer, your eyes would look for dancing cheerleaders. Money and Glamor has dominated the IPL

The Indian income tax department has already suspected the IPL. With no surprise, Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bank of India too suspected . The Deccan chargers went on loss but the matches were earning too much. Kochin tuskers got into the stake issue. Now Kochin tuskers and Deccan chargers are out of game.

CSK – Chennai Super Kings Team owner or sports interested person Gurunath Meyappan, was being quizzed by Mumbai Police for his alleged role in betting. Meyyapan is the son in law of BCCI Chief, Mr. Srinivasan.

Shreesanth, an international player was caught by delhi police on spot fixing, when he was with his girl friends. Spot fixing allows you to fix things on the spot. The Money promised is paid to players for favoring the fix.

Dalmiya – the Interim head of BCCI promised on considering removal of after match parties. But people may think of removing cricket from their mind, if another fixing or betting controversy hits.

Cricket is no more, a Gentleman’s game. It is another bollywood movie but acted by cricket stars.

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