Cricket. Period



What is the national game of India? The right answer according to books is Hockey but it is cricket that Indians play, breathe, live, eat, sleep etc. We play cricket in ground with cricket ball or hard tennis ball or even a rubber ball; with stumps or with just a stick; with a bat or even a wooden plank. Worst case even book cricket is played in India 🙂

But have you ever thought why? Why alone cricket in India?

Cricket is a national game of England and when we were colonized by them, cricket came to India and became part of our life just like the English language.

May be my common sense analysis above is true but why no other sport is as popular or developed in India?

Several reasons. First one being the hype, surrounding cricket is so huge that its been looked by the next generation always as a sport of premier and they start to develop an attitude of breathing the game.

I am a die hard fan of cricket and since childhood Sachin is my only hero. I used to watch tennis and football since a very young age but never even attempted to try my hands on it. Its because of my own thought just like you that Cricket is the best and nothing else is as best as that. No one is to be blamed here except for the hype created in schools, the then media and our peers.

Second reason is the most important one. Schools and Universities aren’t trying good enough to encourage students to play and nurture their interest in other sports. Say for instance my school had table tennis and volley ball as primary sport but when I came to college the focus was fully on cricket. Back to square one 🙂

Last but not the least reason is the attitude of the government towards other sports. China prepare its Olympics team right from school. USA develop its athletes for international games with extraordinary support and infrastructure. But we???

Any common man in India not only would know how many times India won the greatest event of cricket i.e ICC Cricket World Cup but also the Champions trophy, T20 World Cup etc but do any one of us know how many times Indian Hockey team won Gold in Olympics? Many didn’t even knew we once played Hockey well.

Gavaskar retired Sachin arouse, Sachin retired Kohli is rising ….

Would Leander paes, Mahesh bhubathi or Sania Mirza see any successors?

Viswanathan Anand is a genius but why no one else from India

We lead in population why not even qualify for FIFA?

No answers at all for these questions and I don’t see any slightest chance of a change in my purview but if things change I would be the first person to be happy.

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  • We Indians should change our attitude about our kids having a secure future only by becoming Drs or Engineers or cricket players. We and our Government need to let our kids try out new avenues and become the best in it. And we and our Govt need to make sure our kids do not migrate to US later to have a better life in that area 😀