The Curse named Caste Politics

If the Western mind is cursed with racism, the Eastern mind, predominantly the Indian minds are corrupted with casteism. Regionally when looked into the caste clashes in the past, one could notice that the reason behind every riot would have been small. Yet, behind every clash there would be either a Caste Associations or a Political party fanning the issue for their political benefits. Months ago a marriage of an upper cast girl with a Dalit boy evoked unrest in Dharmapuri district of Tami Nadu.


The leader of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), Dr. Ramadoss, whose wagon of politics being the Caste  for years took this issue in his hands, as the bride belonged to his community. What was actually a family issue was made public creating unrest in the locality. Situation went out of hands, while the bride’s father took his life, hanging himself, last November. Caste riots that followed ended up with hundreds of Dalit houses being torched, leaving the families homeless.

PMK leader Dr. Ramadoss, took the issue as a opportunity for his good to boost his already dwindling political career. He marched to various districts talking against inter-caste marriages and began to say his party members will not stand it. His talks fuelled the hatred against Dalits and violence and unrest started to spread all over the state. Soon he was arrested for his riot provoking speeches, to curb the anticipated violence. Two bold district collectors banned him from entering into their districts and the ban has not been lifted since.


The love story of the couple took a dramatic turn last month while the girl left her lover husband E.Ilavarasan, for his good and went back to her mother. She had left her matrimonial home to avoid caste tensions. While she appeared on the court, with tear clogged eyes he told the media she had left with her mother and will remain with her family, until her family accept her husband. She insisted that she was still in love with her husband.


casteThe love story saw a poignant climax, when yesterday the boy Ilavarasan was found dead near a railway track in Dharmapuri by noon. He is believed to have jumped into a train taking his life, unable to stomach the course of his life . Dalit leaders have demanded a judicial probe over his death and the claws of casteism are still around him even after his death. India has many curses upon her and Casteism and Communalism are top in that chart. Untouchabiity is a sin. Untouchability is aCrime. Untouchabitity is inhuman; reads all the Indian text books on their front pages. Its easy to print on the papers. But etching them in the hearts of a million is not as easy a task. May we dream a future generation free from the curse of Caste divide.

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