A Dark Woman Rising


It is not new in the history of island nation of sub-continent, Sri Lanka to speak to Tamil leadership for the power sharing, an agenda failed since the independence of the nation.But this time, the Government of Sri Lanka spoke to an official from UNHRC (United Nations Human Resource Council) for the war crimes committed by the government.  Unfortunately, She heads the UNHRC. Her name is Ms. Navaneetham Pillai. Coincidentally, she is a Tamil.

She is a third generation Indian Tamil Origin South African. She is being looked upon as champion of human rights from the day she fought for her husband Gaby Pillai in South Africa.

She was the first dark woman advocate in the apartheid South Africa. She faced challenges in performing her jobs as advocate.

The human rights activist climbed her ladder and did get chairperson designation in United Nations Human Rights Council. The UN Chief Mr. Ban Ki Moon hears to her words seriously.

The Government of Srilanka tried to draw strips over the body of Ms. Pillay. But she rubbished the allegation in the expected lines. Her neutrality cannot be questioned.

Her visit was more controversial, second to the visit made by Late Prime minister of neighboring super power India’s Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was attacked by a Sinhala Defense man on his visit when the State honor was in progress. Fortunately, the Sinhala forces did not present the same this time.

Ms. Pillay is an icon for human rights. Ms. Pillay has risen to this level long back. But her status is uncomfortable for the island nation at this time. The Sri Lankan ministers are speaking after she left the island. One of the Minister of Rajapakse’s regime did rendered a statement with bad taste with a marriage proposal to Ms. Pillay.

The Dark Woman Rising is not good for the island nation.

Sri Lanka Matha Namo.

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