The Day a Dad was Born – Part – II

Being a Dad

On the night of June 11th, I was woken up by a midnight call from my aunt bearing the news about the decision of having the kid by operation. The drowsiness in the eyes had taken leave in a second. My pondering heart was filled with the thoughts of her, at first. Then my family members called me and consoled that it was common these days and gave me words of hope. I became less nervous.

I regret even now for not being in the hospital, by her side, holding her hands by that time. Not everything in our life progresses as planned. The need for operation was a bolt out of the clear sky. So nothing else could be done other than waiting. The heart and mind was fully awake. Around twenty past one, I got the call from my aunt again. I attended it with trembling hands and an anxious heart.

Before she began to talk a loud shrill cry of a just born filled my ears. The cry reached my soul, telling me ‘Dad! I’ve arrived’.  Never in my life, not once, had hearing a cry given such bliss. But now it did. My aunt’s voice, in its happiest tone, announced we got a boy and his mom is safe. For me it was a moment when smile wedded tears.

“That’s wonderful”, I said in a broken voice with the lump of bliss holding my throat. A broad smile broke across my lips with tears rolling down my cheeks. I had my dawn of that day, at the next moment itself. The heart tried to jump out and leave and meet them both, my gift and my gift’s gift.

It was only by next evening, I could meet them. The moment I entered the hospital premises the dad in hibernation was fully awake. Never has the hospital white thrilled me this much. Inquiring at the reception, I rushed to the room. The moment I entered, my wife’s eyes gazing at the door, greeted me. Words were on leave. They were not necessary at that moment. By the side of her was my boy, the extension of my soul. My life out of my body; a gift wrapped in white. The first touch of his softest skin was the heavenly moment of my life. I witnessed the moment of metamorphosis of a man into a dad, at that instant. Every dad in the world would have crossed this moment for sure and now it was my turn. The thought of my dad crossed my mind.


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