The Day a Dad was Born – Part – I

Dad and Kid

The perception of parenthood by the – to be- mom and dad do not kick up with the same intensity, at the same time. A woman starts to feel the mother in her, as soon as she realizes her pregnancy. Her body prepares herself for the germinated new life in her womb. The father on the other hand, though happy about his promotion, doesn’t share the same kind of feelings like the mother. His concern for her wife doubles and he refrains himself from other works and manages to be with her as much as possible. A mere presence makes lot of difference.

When I crossed this stage in my life about a year ago, I shared similar emotions. My entire care shifted and pivoted around my woman rather than the fetus. It may be because of the rational understanding that, the mother’s health, both physical and mental, decides the health of the gift growing inside the walls of the womb. Listening to peaceful instrumental music, a caring hug and a love filled word, all such little made our life beautiful.

I began to dig the data mine of the sprawling world of web for child care and mother’s health, and details about the diet charts during pregnancy. And once in a while the hunt for the baby names set in. Mean while my girl started to day dream about the kid, and had already started to live an illusory life with the growing offspring. Her love for babies intensified and she wanted me show her loads of baby pictures from across the web, who was not at all interested in using the web otherwise. My desktop was decorated by kids all the time, replacing the quotes and other kind of wall papers.  Anne Geddes, the Australian photographer who clicks only kids for more than a couple of decades, became her new found goddess.

During the third trimester she left to her mom’s home leaving her with me and taking her with me. Phone became our beloved chap after a long time and we began to see each other through our words. The world was care and touches morphed into love and words. Suddenly our worlds were filled with words.

While she was with me, every time a wobble in the swollen tummy, our hearts ebbed with joy in unison. Those were the moments the mom in her and the dad in me woke up simultaneously.

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