Destination Nowhere

A zen guru was meditating in his mud. One of his disciples approached him with a doubt. The doubt was simple but he wanted a convincing answer from his guru. He went inside the mud and was greeted by the guru, with a charming smile, as soon as he was aware of the disciple’s presence.
The disciple asked, “I have a doubt. Would you please clear it?”. The guru nodded silently.
He asked, “I want to reach the top of the mountain nearby. From where should I start?”
The answer came almost instantly from the guru, “From the top.”

The answer sounds so unconvincing. Ain’t it? How can one start from the top of a mountain? If you can start from the top the task is over, because you are already in the top. So the guru doesn’t mean it, the way we think it to be. This sounds too much philosophical. Let’s say it colloquially. We have heard the saying ‘Well began is half done’. But what I feel that the guru mean is, well thought is almost fully done.

All of us are bound to take up tasks, big and small, in our everyday life. In order to finish the task, we start planning. This short conversation between the guru and his student gives us a beautiful insight about the attitude and mind set with which one has to pursue his goal. The very thought of having accomplished the goal and reached the top, though illusory, certainly entices one to put all his efforts to reach the top. Nothing, other than one’s own thought can motivate him/her better. This is what people keep calling ‘The power of positive thinking’.

Whenever I stand at the foot of a mountain, if my mind is already in the top, it energizes my spirit to get along with it. The very thought of having reached the top, before even actually reaching it, prepares the body to make it happen in reality. The illusory ecstasy that the mind has enjoyed never makes the mind and body to be aware of the hurdles on the way. All it thinks is the top, the destination to be reached.

While I rest my mind contemplating over the same line of thought, I found yet another thing. Is there really a final destination beyond which nothing is there to reach or conquer? Well, I don’t think so. Every task has its own destination, but, while it is accomplished, everything doesn’t get over. A new task comes on the way, setting its own destination to be reached. Hence there is no stopping. There is nothing called a final destination. The final destination is nowhere and every accomplished task sets only a mile stone in the road that never ends. Even death is not the end, after all. Its only a beginning of a new era holding unknown secrets within.

Happy Mountaineering!

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