The Digital Addicts


As the ever-changing technology grew, phones that used to be a device only for calling became an incredible gadget to connect with friends, meet new friends, access social Medias and so on. The mobile industry which provided calling and messaging features are now competing for bringing up better screen resolution, camera pixels, and other high quality features. Nowadays, we don’t buy Smart phones to call. We expect games, music, free apps, internet access, good camera and so much more. Of course, there is nothing wrong in reaping the rewards of technological advancement. But, when people are willing to give away their physical world for this small gadget then it becomes a problem.

Getting obsessed with your newly bought Smartphone is an ordinary thing. You might constantly check for e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, download videos, and play online games. However, if this compulsion doesn’t wane over a period then we will be slowly consumed by behavioral addiction. You get upset for not being able to find the phone for a minute or two; You won’t able to keep an uninterrupted conversation without checking for something for no real reason; You often hear our ring tone or feel that the phone is vibrating, and check it to find that we are mistaken. If you have felt all these things, then you are certainly addicted to your Smartphone.


The large number of Smartphone addicts are said to be from the Asian countries. Experian, a global information services company recently studied Smartphone addiction in Singapore. Singapore and Hong Kong has the largest Smartphone penetration rates (87%). The studies revealed that Singaporeans spend more time, almost twice as long as Americans on Facebook and other social media. China is said to have nearly 300 centers internet addiction and over 20 million Chinese youngsters are found to be severely obsessed with Smartphone. All these studies and surveys emphasize that the parents should educate their children on hazards of Smartphone. The parents especially should not give these gadgets so early for the children.

The adverse effects for children using Smartphone are not just bad grades and bad eyesight. It just totally affects their lifestyle. They totally forget or unaware about their surroundings. Eye to eye interaction becomes boring for them. Teenagers think that Smartphone and social media provide an enormous self-esteem. Owing a good Smartphone, being popular in Facebook, having thousands of followers in Twitter and Instagram becomes their idea of a ‘cool’ teen. They are ready to sacrifice their sleep to see how many likes they have got for their recently posted profile photo. If there is a positive comment or incredible no. of likes, it might give the self-esteem they craved. But, at the same time it is also destructive. If there are no likes or comments, then the digitally addicted teenagers immediately feel that they are left alone or they are ‘not cool’. Decades back, teenagers who are obsessed by the features in a screen are termed as ‘nerds’. Now, touching a small screen is termed as ‘cool’.


There are apps like ‘Pause’, ‘BreakFree’, ‘Moment’ (iOS app) that has vowed to stop the Smartphone addiction. But chucking the Smartphone addiction solely depends on us. It also seems weird to uses Smartphone apps to spend less time on Smartphone. Those who feel that they are addicted to their Smartphone have to just outsmart them. Please remember that ‘life’ is happening outside that 4.7 to 5 inch screen.


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  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    A very timely post and I agree to you completely. Lives of youngsters these days are devoid of real social life other than the virtual ones. If this continues one day will come that they will only talk to their family on FB or Twitter or some newer sites

  • Very true 🙂
    There’s a life outside…