Digital overdose


Are you the one who wakes up for the mobile alarm every morning?
Are you the one who reads the newspaper and magazines digitally in your gadget or computer?
Are you the one who plays temple run, angry birds and Fifa on your iPad every now and then?
Are you the one who e read all books on your kindle?
Are you the one who constantly read or post in whatsapp and facebook?

You are one among the large percentage of modern era techno spoilt piece just like me.

This blog is neither a gyan nor an attention seeking post or tweet instead my recent realizations and discovery of some information that will raise your eyebrows.

I recently read an article that described about Steve Jobs wherein it was mentioned that Jobs never allowed his kids at home to use the iPad as he knew where to limit technology to kids.

Jobs even preferred listening to music in vinyl rather than any digital medium as the songs are compressed and lacks the originality.Twitter’s founder wanted his children to read books in paperback and not on electronic format.Yet another top techno company CEO always limited his kids video game time to 30 minutes a week and insisted a must have outdoor activity more.A very good friend of mine is an voracious reader who always prefer paperbacks( though as a hobby, he works on digitising books )

After reading and seeing this, I just saw the technological influence in my day to day life –

Since I started using mobile phones, I stopped using watches (I wear it for a completion of my attire but seldom see time in it)
Since I started using smartphones and tablets, I stopped reading paperback books and newspapers
Since I started playing games in PlayStation, my outdoor exercises have reduced a lot.

I am not saying these are bad but just pointing these should not override the respective originals.
I have decided to change. Any change should have a starting point and as a matter of fact my first shy away from unwanted techno influence is today because after nearly 3 years I had purchased a book …. A real paper back book …

And you?

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