Direct Benefits Transfer – Indian Gimmick or Game plan?

Sakshar Bharat Ads Languages-EngElection is around the corner for Indian Parliament. Every party in Indian political arena is playing its cards. India’s grand old party and the ruling leading party in United Progressive Alliance (UPA), Indian National Congress (INC) is ready to play the Benefits to commoner Card.

‘Bharath Nirman’ (Constructing India) which was termed to be more similar to ‘India Shining’ Campaign of Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) National Democratic Alliance (NDA) of Atal Bihari Vajpayee a decade ago.

Bharath Nirman was created by INC keeping the Indian grand elections in mind. Mr. Manish Tiwari, present Information and Broadcasting minister is playing a Dual role already. Mr Tiwari is one of the spokesperson of INC. Sandeep Dixit, part of the ruling family of Capital city and few others are in the camp along with Tiwari is taking care of Campaign in Indian elections for INC.

Bharath Nirman ad-campaign contains package of plans. Direct Benefits Transfer(DBT) is one among the plan. The Indian Government promises to pay the benefits in the mode of cash to the common public, who are supposed to taste the benefit.



India is becoming more and more a welfare state these days. Indian states are ready to give Rice or wheat for free to the common public. Few States are already doing it and more than what the Central government is trying to do under the Food Security bill.

The DBT sort of offer is provided in Food Security bill too. In case, government fails to give grains, the money would be deposited.

The DBT is sort of reimbursement too in few cases. The common public can buy and can get back the discounted money. Lot of criticism is over DBT. The DBT has not yet fully been rolled out to the public. The DBT has not yet been clearly explained to the common public of the greatest democracy.

The Ruling alliance assures that the common people will get benefits in their bank savings accounts. Every Indian citizen will get bank account in the nation. The Plan eradicates middle men, thereby cutting bribe paid for getting Government benefits. The government believes this would be a better plan. But this may tighten the unitary system of the Indian Union and will stop the nation to move towards federal system.

DBT can turn to be another midday meal scheme which boosted education in the nation. On the papers – in black and white, DBT looks to be a better scheme. It can be welcomed. But the financial planning may not be that easier. The Economist prime minister may know the difficulty – but he can not speak to his master.

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