Dirty Politics Over Nature’s Wrath


What started as yet another seasonal flood with a reported toll of 150 has turned out to be a national disaster. The flash floods in Uttrakhand have revealed many realities, national and political. This natural disaster has clearly highlighted that the disaster management in our country is next to nothing and the scenario has firmly reiterated that the necessity of pragmatic environment policies. Nature has also strongly cautioned the madness in the name of development.  It is a simple precaution not to construct buildings for about 100m on either side of the river banks, due to the fragile soil conditions. But only after the floods took thousands of lives, the local government have woken up from hibernation, which is of no use. If ever the authorities have had some sanity before sanctioning the projects loss of lives could have considerably thinned.

The rescue measures from the Government, local and National, has made us doubt whether it’s a Government for the people. The world was stunned to see River Ganga’s fury when the gushing water ran to the chest level of Lord Shiva’s statue, as if indicating that ‘the Destroyer’ is busy with his work. This image has become an icon of the intensity of the disaster.  Thousands of stranded pilgrims got marooned as the roads and bridges to Kedar valley got cut. Thousands of villages lost their communication with the rest of the world, and the residents have turned victims overnight.

The BJP and Congress began their blame games as early as Mr.Modi’s visit to the affected areas. Later Mr.Rahul who was on a tour was forced to come back.  While the authorities are busy with pointing their fingers at each other, it was the locals and adventurers have joined their hands with the NGOs for the rescue. Day after day we keep hearing the reported stories of hope, horror and the stories of ground reality that none favour to hear. The irresponsibility of the authorities and lack of planning have made people to lose their last strands of hopes on their rulers. If not for the army rescue teams, the case would be worst to imagine.

BJP as opposition exploits the current situation as a political opportunity to get on to the ruling chair in the coming elections, by reiterating the inefficacy of Congress over the issue. Every thinking Indian citizen knows it’s a political stunt and the fact that neither of the camps care for the people. The BJP demands the dismissal of the Bahuguna government over its failure over tackling the Uttrakhand disaster. Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Ms.Sushma Swaraj’s tweet today has worsen the war of words, into which the two national parties had already got into. In the wake of such a disaster, the parties are busy with verbal attacks instead of working together to bring back normalcy, has put every Indian to shame. As an Indian one has to put his head down, and preserve this bitter memory for Election Carnivel-2014.


The above snap shows Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd helping the residents to clean up in Brisbane after floodwaters recede. But, his Indian Counterpart ???? Is just visiting the affected areas aerially, the at most act of care that a leader could show?

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