Disciplined Indiscipline – Indian Road Traffic

‘I love Monday’, this is how I used to say every Monday morning just to motivate myself for the week ahead 🙂

After the usual 9 – 10 daily meeting, I went to the coffee point. Amidst the roar of vending machine, I heard a conversation between a European and an Indian. The European had been to India recently and he is explaining his adventures. For a minute I thought he is explaining his theme park experience but soon I was shocked to realize that his thoughts were about the Indian roads he traversed everyday.

Unable to control my curiosity, I joined their conversation. Following block quotes are the views (truths in fact) of any outsider to India.

1) Is there any traffic rule at all in India? Because nobody had been following any. Most of the times the red was jumped, one way was disobeyed, no parking was overruled, lanes …(sorry come again)

– Actually there are clear cut traffic rules in India (visit trafficsigns.co.in) which are not even known to us fully because unlike other countries we don’t require to know any of them to get licence.

2) Seat belts or Helmets aren’t used at all. Triples are very normal.

– Thank God he hasn’t seen the fours and fives in two wheelers ;). None of us in India are really serious about helmets or seat belts because it was always thought as a discomfort instead of lifeguards

3) But there is one unity – There is an unanimous indiscipline on road

– A point which I was unable to conclude as a positive one or negative till now. Because most of them on Indian roads are determined and disciplined to be indiscipline.

When this situation will change – God only knows.