DNA of languages

LinguisticsThe world is one. All languages might have come from a single language. DNA of languages is most complex.

When human beings migrated, languages too migrated. Migration of languages brought lot of changes. The early languages had sounds of nature. The birds chirping sounds are very much similar to vedic chants of Kerala, a deep south province of India.

The Sumerian scripts which considered being one of the earlier written script of the human world is no more. The Sumerians mingled with Akkadians and the language heritage is lost.

The Mayan language is not found in its original form in the present world. But Sumerians and Mayans have influenced early languages of the human world. Mayans were more sophisticated then the present day sophisticated world. Even then, Mayans were friendly and did not conquer the world with force but with love.

Mayan Scripture

The Gun powder, the tragic game changer of history has not only killed tribes but also the languages. But the early languages are not completely dead. It is in DNA of peoples who mingled with the foreigners who came to rule or conquer them.

The islands of Andaman lost few native old languages in the recent past. The land of thousand languages, India has lost almost 800 languages since independence.  Making Hindi as sole national language of India is the move which curbed the native tribal traditional languages of the country.

The story is same across the globe. Big languages are eating up small languages. Keep your head high when you speak your mother tongue. If your mother tongue is one of the native tribal or traditional classical languages, have the pride multiplied.

Language with no alphabets- in usage- Sourashtra (which has its origins from a province in Gujarat state of India) is still alive. The people who are speaking this language are trying to put the characters for the phonetics. It is a work in progress. The DNA of Sourashtra is alive not in its mother soil but in the southern province of India Tamil Nadu.

Languages were the innovative invention of the first human thinkers. Keeping it alive is our duty.

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