Earth Made of Glass: Aryans & Dravidians


It is biblical story which says the total human race came from a couple Adam and Eve. The present world is not one and it has multiple races which has enmity running on the minds against the other.

Before getting into present world, the truth is most religions believed there was only one race at the beginning. I happened to hear a different name for Eve in India. Eve is called ‘Lady who did not breast feed’. The Mother goddess in the mountain temple of Thiruvannamalai in India, geographically one of the earliest mountains of the world has the name ‘Unnamulai’.


Practically there are many races in the world. Human race might have started in Africa or in the continents which submerged in water namely Atlantis or Lemuria.

There is a school of thought races born in parallel. Atlantis had people with fair complexion and the Lemuria had people with dark complexion. One was physically great and the other was not. There intellectual capabilities were different.

If the above theory is true, the time made them to meet at one point of time. Both the races had super-ego and called themselves as native of the world. They felt they are superior. The first conflict started.

Aryans, Africans, Dravidians and Mongolians come in the list of early races. While the Dravidian race is still not clearly demarcated, Aryans the white skinned people comes from central Asia per the researchers.


Aryans were cattle rears. They were not settlers. They were tribal. But they did develop their intellect and started settling in grass lands. Both races had their own intellectual capability.

Dravidians were dark skinned people who had four major occupations – Agriculture, Hunting, Spice & perfume Merchants and Warrior class.

The Aryan race and Dravidian race met in the present Pakistan. The conflict between the two races started. The Dravidians were pushed down south as outcome of war.

It was English researchers who groomed the theory of Aryans in the Indian Sub-continent while the Nazis did in German.

The Aryan race considered them as Master race. They considered them as pure. The conflict between Dravidians and Aryans in the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa ended with killing of thousands of people.

Zebu bull seal found in Harappa

Zebu bull seal found in Harappa

The Dravidians who felt the set back moved into present day India. Few settled in Pakistan and Iran. The settlement of Dravidian people in Pakistan and Iran states another theory – the first conflict between Aryans and Dravidians might have happened even in central Asia instead of Pakistan.

While Aryans call them as Master Race, Dravidians whose gene group is one of the oldest groups per the latest researches state they might be older than Aryans.

Aryans and Dravidian race theory is a conspiracy by English people is an idea of few Indians. Whatever is the practical truth, I love to stay with the biblical story in which we all came from one couple. Eve’s breast was not tasted by a kid until they landed and gave birth to a child.


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