Earth made of Glass: Sumerians and Akkadians

Cooperation is the best way to keep the relationships at high. Sumerians are best known for this. Sumerians and Akkadians were the best people, who helped each other and became almost one at point.

Sumerians helped Akkadians at the time of need. Akkadian and Sumerians had best relations. It was the great civilization of Sumerians which taught understanding others and help the friend in need.

Sumerian  Greys

Alien Depiction of Sumerians

Sumerians contributed ample things to the world. The written language can be called one of the greatest achievement of Sumerians. Normally, Sumerians and Akkadians are from two different races. But they lived in harmony and mingled and helped each other. There were stories of Akkadians that when they came from their early land, Sumerians had them settled in their land.

The Akkad and Sumerians are great business people, including the sea merchants. Few researches believe Dravidian race was heavily influenced by Sumerian writing and few other cultural values.

Sumerians had communication with aliens as like Sangam Tamils of Dravidian race. While the Sangam Tamils had relation for knowledge sharing, the aliens did seek help from Sumerians for rescuing their planet. The annunaki (aliens) came to Sumerian land did say the hyper technical growth of the alien planet had impacted their atmosphere negatively and they did seek gold to rebuild their cities.


The picture shows the sun in the center, surrounded by eleven orbiting bodies that include the Moon, Pluto and the yet to be recognized “Planet X” — Nibiru.


Sumerians had cordial relationship with everyone are the preachers of great values to the whole world.

Sumerians otherwise called as samar in akkadian lexicon.  It is believed the few of the extra terrestrial living beings came to Sumerian land is the inspiration of few holywood movies.

The way how Sumerians depicted aliens was easily adapted by Hollywood movie makers. Scientists like Stephen Hawking believe that still aliens exist.


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