EELAM — A Forgotten Dream?!



EELAM was a dream of slain Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). EELAM did not exist in the post colonial world officially and prevented from existing since Mullivaykaal in the recent past. On other words – it never existed officially as nation in any Atlas of the international society. The Dream of Eelam is still alive per the supporters of EELAM and particularly per the supporters of LTTE. Prabhakaran was erected as god in a Tamil Village of India’s Tamil Nadu very recently.

May 17 Iyakkam ( May 17 Movement) which carry annual memorial day of mullivaykaal over the mid of May of every year in Marina beach in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu – believes it is required for the Tamils to understand the tragedy of Mullivaykaal – particularly the politics behind it. They quote it as necessity.

I spoke to a cadre belong to the movement, who says the dream of EELAM is not forgotten. There is an appreciable population of Tamils support the dream of EELAM and underlines that the dream is not dead but distanced.


Last Memorial Day of Mullivaykaal had good amount of crowd. VAIKO, the strong political supporter of the EELAM cause called the day to be taken for resolution.

In reality, EELAM is far from the politics of elections in the state. No election in Tamil Nadu was contested on the grounds of EELAM issue. But most Tamils are with Sri Lankan Tamils. Tamils are feeling they were targeted brutally by a lot of forces. An appreciable amount of Tamils are finding fault with Indian Government particularly with previous regime. But they don’t have trust on the present government too. Tamils are mostly calm people. But that is not true always.

EELAM can only be solution for Sri Lankan Tamil issue per its supporters. Is EELAM not a forgotten dream or is going to be a dream always remembered is a big question.

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