‘e’lections and ‘e’-ngineers!


It is a red hot sunny election time in the state I am presently living. I am in Tamil Nadu, one of the big states going for its assembly polls.

I met few computer engineers around a month back. Lot came out with anger against the present politicians of the state.

Most of them are against the Dravidian politicians. But hold for sec, this sizable engineers don’t contribute much of the election poll percentage in the state. These are new breeds.

Few, with no surprise has privilege to vote in their native city or village and living in Chennai for the sake of job. These people may not travel to native for casting their vote which would lead to not achieving 100% voting in the state. I think, it was once Sikkim which casted 100% vote.

One among the crowd, was speaking about e-voting. Laziness at its height.

Few others, were thinking how to make the elections profitable. They were speaking of creating mobile apps to easily track the elections. They believe it would keep the state, election aware. Mobile phone is their new home. They live inside it.

I sensed, the election commission is doing a very good job to bring the voters to polling stations. And the percentage of people who want to cast their vote is increased in the learned people of the state.

Tamilnadu is facing a multi-corner election this time. This may give edge to the incumbent government.

I was able to see a reporting app in a public cloud and which was shared to a regional news channel. This seem to be good improvement.

An engineer asked my thoughts and ideas for building an app. Have given my ideas.

I recommend everyone to go and cast the vote. I never missed any opportunity to vote.

Voting is a birthright. It is not given always for all in every part of this planet.

Come on, let’s exercise of our right.

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  • Frustration is surely rising but the best way to address this and bring in a change is to vote…so rightly said 🙂