Emergency: An Advice from an Expelled Advisor

THE HINDU announcing National Emergency

The War against Emergency — declared by Indira — was called as Second Independence by Jeyaprakash Narayanan. Emergency by Indira Gandhi was a wrong move which damaged the image of democracy of India. There were very less movies made out of it or none really showed its face. Emergency, everyone wanted not to remember it. But few still remembers it because it changed their life. Advani is one such.

Advani has really captured the picture of present and past very well. He did not mean anyone personally, though the prime minister seems to be donning the government. Post effect of Emergency or the statement on emergency did not look to be successful for Mr. Advani at any time. His Statement is an advice from an expelled advisor for BJP.

Jayaprakash Narayan speaking in a public gathering

The government of Moraji Desai which was installed in New Delhi after emergency was short lived due to infighting. Indira bounced back not because of her talents but because mishandling of the situation by then non-congress leaders. The statement of Advani seems to be creating ripples but short lived. Advani seems to be mishandling the situation. Post statement, on a damage control moves, he tried to pull Sonia and Rahul into the issue. But it did not resulted anything good. Arnab was successful able to make embarrassed Rahul by calling the episode of Sikh riots. But no congress leader was taking Advani seriously. BJP has already washed the hands. Advani has no one for him.



But most of his thoughts are important and need to be taken seriously. There are no moves made to make sure, there will not be any emergency in future. There are no legal restrictions. Not necessarily his initial statement has to be taken as ‘Anti-Modi’ statement. A serious look into his interview gives ample amount of reasons to worry and take steps to safeguard democracy and freedom of expression.

Post independence, Gandhi was not taken seriously by Indian National Leaders. But that impacted a lot for Indian nation. Gandhi was not happy with the first government of the independent nation. Government moved out of Pro-poor governance.

A neutral look at  Advani’s interview may help everyone including Mr.Modi.

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