En-cashing Rajini, Can’t help Modi!

Modi with RajiniKanth: BJP thinks R-Factor can help

Modi with RajiniKanth: BJP thinks R-Factor can help

A Man, whose image is more than life size of any in Asia – lives in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, southern coastal state of India. He is Rajini Kant – highly paid actor in the sub-continent. His pictures like Muthu, can reach Japanese, the same can be inspirational scene in a European movie.

G K Moopanaar: Tamil Manila Congress Chief who made Rajni’s dream successful

He was political once. Strangely, he batted for Indian National Congress at that point of time. But the bad arithmetics of PV Narasimha rao spoiled the plan. The present Finance minister  of the nation  – Palaniappan Chidambaram, who hails from the same state where Rajini is a cult, did join him for throwing out Jayalalitha from power. P Chidambaram’s mentor and congress leader G Karupasamy  Moopanaar was the one made Rajini’s dream of throwing Jaya out of power in elections successful.

Rajini retracted and kept himself a political. Though P Chidambaram supported him online and offline for his political arrival. Both Dravidian parties intelligently played to keep the super star of masses out of politics.

P Chidambaram: Rajini’s Long time friend

Course of time, Tamil Nadu crowd is also changed  – they understood Movie is not Politics. Superstar himself witnessed when Rajini supported BJP last time and made BJP to get not even a single digit.

Rajini’s fame can not help anyone in the state at the moment. The fame can not help P Chidambaram’s Congress or Narendra Modi’s  Bharathiya Janatha Party. That is the reality in the southern state. Tamils are not Tamils of Maruthoor Gopala Krishna Menon’s (MGR) era.

Jayalalitha and Karunanithi is aware of the present conditions. They are not bothered about Modi meeting Rajini Kanth.

But BJP has to know the geo-politics of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is not simple in political map. But Tamils know how to make the state as sweep state, which urges Indian politicians to know about the state.

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