Enterprise Facebook: Twitter and Chatter


Socializing is the need of the hour for computer literate society. Enterprises too need facebook and gamification of work to keep the IT skilled crowd to stay unstressed.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) company Salesforce.com is one of the early birds to join the crowd. The Chatter is one of the first Enterprise  Enterprise Social network software created to increase collaboration in the IT working environment. The chatter was then adapted by others in BPM industry.

The Salesforce company gives the best way to use Chatter in its site (http://www.salesforce.com/chatter/overview/top10ways/). The Other BPM vendor which is famous in the field of integration, TIBCO came up with a software called tibbr calling it as Enterprise Social Network. The TIBCO team call it as Enterprise Facebook (http://www.tibbr.com/# )

The Study by TIBCO and other sources has proven that the productivity of the employees has increased from 5% to more in case of effective use of Enterprise social network.

TIBCO states that even its reporting software Spotfire can go good along with the tibbr. Tibbr or any collaboration software can be plugged into Spotfire. The Requirement gathering tools and Business Process Analyst tools are also getting enterprise social network plugins which is trying to keep the world lively.

There may be new software coming up in the field of Enterprise Social Network. Building Enterprise social network can become a separate field. The companies blocked the facebook and gchat has to open the doors for tibbr and chatter.

There is a big lesson in this initiative to Indian companies. The Indian IT companies has virtually made the IT industry as IT factory. Task were done with no enjoyment are involvement.The Indian IT companies have to learn, speaking up with each other would bring more innovative thoughts and the people to come up together.

Let’s welcome Enterprise Facebooks. Cheers !!

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