EU and UK: Souring relations?

Not everyone in United Kingdom likes European Union. It is difficult for the nation to stay with no Euro and Yes Pound strategy, and to get along with the Union.

But people who want UK to get out of EU see this as an opportunity now. UK is not able to make her intentions go well in the recent.

The Labour Party leader of UK, Ed Miliband feels PM took UK closer to the exit door of the union. Few feel the PM is utterly humiliated after his failure attempt on EU Vote against the new European commission president Jean-Claude Junker.

David Cameron and Miliband

David Cameron and Miliband


The Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron states he will not leave his battle.

The other side of the story – German, one of the dominant economy of the European Union which is keeping Euro alive is also not really happy with the new commission president. Sweden seconds the same thought to an extent.

The Prime minister is really failing than expected. This may potentially impact the country. It is better for the prime minister to keep his strategies for some time – but to watch the developments keenly. The worries of the prime minister may be really valid. Unfortunately he is not successful and this may not help United Kingdom.

Jean-Claude Juncker: I am in PM! You are not!

Prime minister has to do his homework correct to be successful.

Appointment of Jean-Claude Junker, the new Europena Commission President is a bad day for Europe per the prime minister. EU voted 26-2 to appoint the commission President.

Mr Miliband read this news as ‘Clear’ and ‘Present’ danger for the United Kingdom.

The Job of the prime minister in the recent summit was not done good and to the required by the prime minister.

The New Commission president may not be really insider and he may be a committed European. It is time to wait and watch.

It is time for the prime minister to work more.

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