It is a new passive war in the post cold war against one of the cold war powers. Russian federation tastes the sanction against herself imposed by the European Union.

Russian Federation acts against Ukraine are attributed for the sanctions. The war is economical too. Russia bans imports of agricultural products of US and EU.

The Sanctions seem to be tough but the implementation may not be rigorous. The EU wants to de-escalate the tension over Ukraine per the news release by them.

Ukraine crisis itself started after the change in government in the nation. The nation’s politics was caught between two fires namely pro-Russia and pro-European. The present government is not pro-Russian.

The News release of European union states the decision can be reverted if Russia responds positively. US Vice President stated ‘’US Embarrassed EU into sanctioning Russia over Ukraine” – Russia today reports.

Forbes calls the Russian ban on US agricultural products as misunderstanding of trade. It calls Russia came out of Marxist stupidity but did not understand trade.

The Sanctions may not really bring anything. The Ukraine crisis is tip of ice berg. Russian federation wants her control over past soviet countries though it came out of the soviet ideology. There are takers and protesters against this.


Local Ukrainians protest against Russian invasion

Russia is emerging and still a major economic power. Russia is looking others with suspicion. Even Today, Russia and US are not good friends.

This Economic war if implemented with rigour and if this did not bring de-escalation of situation, it can create tension across one third of the globe putting world under economical crisis.

It is really a need to look at this crisis to bring economic stability of the world. This may end up wrong.

But most believe there will not be rigourous implementation of the sancation. This is looked as an attempt to pacify US and a move to bring Russia to the terms.

A stable socio-political-economic world is most required for the globe.

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