All is Evil?!


All is evil


Almost for everyone one of us would have fed up reading newspaper, one day or the other. In one of the famous hilarious sequence in a recent Tamil black comedy, two lads conversing. One enquires, “Friend don’t you read newspapers? It was all in there.” The other sighs and quip, “No Bro, I don’t. They simply sell it changing the dates.

This funny dialogue also has a view point of a common man who is annoyed by the myriad of bad news found in every page he turns in dailies almost every day. Turning on the TV makes no difference. We have umpteen number of exclusive news channels. But all of them, invariably, are extremely interested in covering negative news. Only negative news doubles as sensational news. Positive news rarely garners this privilege.

A keen observation tells us that the ‘scoops’ we come across, both in print and digital, almost hits us bearing a depressing news. Over time, one gets used with such news and the frequency of the news makes the readers/viewers numb, and they turn emotionally cold towards reacting to such news.

This makes the viewer to react to news reporting the death of scores of Palestinian refugees in Gaza and a news item on Modi’s Brazil visit, alike. The point here is, all news reports are received plainly over time, emotionally reacting in the same way for both news.

All that is reported is evil or at least they share most of the space. This makes one sigh sulkily isn’t there one good thing that has happened in world today.

The digital revolution has enabled us to have the news on the go, but what’s the use? All we see is evil. All we read is evil. All that is reported is evil. To pep up the spirit at times it’s wise to shy away from news in case you’re a ‘Newsaholic’.

This intention of this post is not to sow pessimism but to highlight the fact that all that is reported in news is not all that happened that day globally. There are plenty of positive thing happening all the time everywhere and they could also be reported. After all optimistic stories are not reserved for filling the pages in the Chicken Soup series.



  • Athenas Take

    Man you sure hit the nail on the head, seriously each and every inspiration that I see is either in the chicken soup series or in the moral science books that my kids have everything else is just about vulgarity, violence and everything that spells negativity.

  • Ha!