EXIT POLLS: Corporate Media Decides Indian Government ?

It was in the year of 2004, INDIA SHINING was not considered as mockery of Indian poverty by Indian media – it projects BJP would form the government again.


INDIAN MEDIA: Failed in Past exit polls

It was in the year of 2009, Media did not say the truth again – projected a better score for NDA cited anti-incumbency.

It is 2014, again the same predictions by the Media. This time it may become reality or may not.

The EXIT POLLS are heavily perspective and extrapolated out of proportion. It is clear either Indian media is giving incorrect messages influencing voters and not delivering the truth.

In case, the poll predictions come out to be true, then the media can take its credit. But it is riding on the luck.

MODI wave is clearly a wave created but never existed. The election results may see some unexpected results too.

No Economic policies were discussed in the poll debates even in highly educated English speaking elite media. If there is no difference in economic policies of BJP and INC, we are not going to achieve anything really.

Recent past in the world has proven, governments were thrown out for the reason of economy. Euro zone crisis and Arab spring has lot of Economics behind it. But world’s largest democracy is still emotional and not speaking about the real issues. Religion and Caste politics were played.

NON-BELIEVER: He never believed Media numbers

“Exit polls are a great time pass”, correctly said by the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir – Omar Farooq Abdulla.

One of the eldest politicians of India, M Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu said – OPINION POLLS are POLL OPINIONS.

Karunanithi was proven to be king of arithmetic and statistics in Tamil Nadu politics who take numbers into his support most of the time. But he never believed opinion polls even when it projected him to be victorious. He doubted media’s skill in handling numbers. Indian media is not fair or incapable in poll predictions.

Speculations cannot form a government. Sample size and the project methodology can project properly in United States of America. The media cannot decide who can form the government instead election results.

You cannot copy everything from USA – India is Unique.

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