Facebooking India

Sheryl Sandberg with Mark Zuckerberg in a discussion

Sheryl Sandberg with Mark Zuckerberg in a discussion

Facebook, the leading social network site is having a huge market in India. India is the second largest market for Facebook after United States of America.

Indian politicians and computer-literate crowd has started using Facebook and twitter at their best.

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has decided to reach out Small and Medium enterprises in the nation during her visit to the nation.  The visit is scheduled probably later this month.

Facebook is looking for opportunities to increase revenue in the nation. Facebook wants to tap the opportunity of large consumer base for increasing its advertisement revenues.

The COO, has planned for a media-round table. Indian media which is copying USA with enormous craze will not lose this opportunity.

On the same visit, She would be visiting the employees of the company, India division. The company holds an office at Hyderabad. For the reason of same, the capital of two states namely Telangana and Seemandhra Pradesh will witness her meetings with employees and the media in the cyber-city of the nation.

Chandra Babu Naidu, the pro-IT chief minister of united Andhra Pradhesh is planning to make Tirupathi as second hub of IT in Telugu belt region.

Facebook revenue  has grown 59% compared to last year. Per media reports, Facebook has 25 million firms of India in her pages.

Out of 100 million users of India, 84 million users actively use Facebook through smart mobile phones.

Facebook, as per recent statistics has 1.28 billion users across the planet – out of which India stays second with 100 million users.

The COO of Facebook – Sheryl Sandberg comes in the list of influential 100 per TIME magazine.

India, being IT back office of the nation does not have its indigenous social networking sites for its universities and young crowd. India loves to stay as back office of companies of silicon valley.

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