‘Fair’y Tales – Introduction

Health and Beauty


There are only four major races in the world- The Blacks (Negroids), the whites, the Cacusians ( predominantly Asians) and the Mongoloids. The skin tone of every human being, by nature, is designed according to his/her geographical location. People who live closer to the equator are dark skinned and as we move towards the poles the skin tone lightens. The general weather in a locality and the exposure of skin to sunlight are the deciding factors of one’s complexion.

In the biological perspective no skin colour is inferior to the other, because it is purely natural selection. The fair skinned Europeans conquered most of the world, the industrial revolution back there in the 18th century only added to their global dominance. The European lust for land was only for two prime reasons. One was the search for new markets and the other being the need for supply of the raw material to keep up the production flow. Naturally in any nation the socio-cultural standards are set by the rulers. Hence it is no wonder that the European culture, literature and the skin tones were set as standards.

Almost in all cultures, from yore, cosmetics are being used by people to beautify them. The perception of beauty and its definition, nonetheless, changes from nation to nation, from society to society.

Health and Beauty

The dominant Europeans forced their perception about beauty and thrusted the European definition of beauty onto the civilians of theircolonies. This was, by then, fair skin or lighter skin became synonymous to beauty. Gone were the days, where the rest of the skin colors were also considered beautiful. At any instant, from the past history, the immediate example that flashes might only be Queen Cleopatra, the Black beauty. This actually sounds as an exceptional example, since no other popular historical example is known to the public. Perhaps historians might supply with some more to make a list.

Though art evolved with its own ethnic flavor in all human societies, it was the art of the rulers that dominated the scene. Art is a powerful mean to express oneself. Down the ages every society has come up with their art to express their ethnicity. Every art form bears the unique signature that exemplifies the ideology of an entire society, at that time.

When a nation confronts invasions cultures collide. The art of the conquerors and that of the natives bombard head on. Usually the art of the rulers wins over the slaves and it flourishes.

Now we live in a globalized world. The term ‘global citizen’ is worth its usage. Personal aspirations and our work make us migrate to all corners of the earth, an inevitable necessity. People from different parts of the world get mixed up. Here arises the difference in the skin color. Comparison, attempts to achieve what the popular culture thinks assumes as a supreme color, follows it.

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