The Falcon in my Backyard


I came from a familial background that insisted too much on academics. Hence I was always encouraged to read, but they saw to it that my reading never went beyond text books. Groomed under such circumstances, there were days when I strongly believed reading literature was a waste of time. Instead we could read monographs or popular science or even history books instead, so I thought, then.

This does sound bizarre to me now, because my take on literature was nothing more than, “Ah! Just stories… and they call it literature”. It was a time marked by immaturity and I blame it now on my naiveness. This attitude towards literature was also due to the perception of stories as mere entertainers helping to while away the time, enjoying reading them.


Getting into a book


Shortly after the literary falcon entered my life through the backyard- my family members assumed spending too much on ‘stories’ would eat most of my time- the reality began to unfold. Reading is the cheapest way to get transported to another universe. Books take us to places we’ve never visited and introduce us to people whom we might never possibly meet in our real lives. Reading transcends the barrier of time, makes it flat, letting us to travel back or forward in time through the stories we read.

Literature uses story telling as a tool to connect with everyone and its nothing lesser than a linguistic alchemy that brings many disciplines in one plate, in the simplest form. Literature lets one’s imagination take wings. Transcending to newer heights, an individual is given a chance to look at the bird’s eye view of the meaning, philosophy and existence of human life.


I'm a reader


Through the literary glass the reader understands the intricacies of human relationships; various point of views and perceptions of the problems those I come across in my real life. Literature replicates human life and translates it into words. It constructs a fictional universe that mirrors the reality more than anything else.

One might naturally get reminded of the art of cinema here. Whatsoever that has been said brought about literature suits for cinema as well. Then how does literature manage to gain more attention than cinema. Cinema or literature, be it what, imagination is the key. But cinema, by nature, presents visuals that are preconceived by its makers. On the other hand, a literary work through words creates a mental imagery in the readers’ mind, where the reader’s imagination plays a vital part.

If you still consider literature as school kid stuff or mere ‘stories’, well be it. Stories are good any way.



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