Father – First hero for kids

Grooming a kid is not an easy task. Kids believe in the concept of ‘Seeing is Truth’. They are not matured Mahatma Gandhi. Even Gandhi might be normal kid when he was a kid. You can not sell the concept of “Seeing is untrue; Hearing is untrue; Interrogation can only bring truth”
Father is the first hero for all the kids. Most fathers don’t understand that. Kids feel fathers are the role models to be followed.

“Those who are bold never looked down” – was said to General. Subash Chandra Bose, Indian National Army’s Chief in Freedom era of the British India by his father. He was courageous until his last breath which can be attributed for his father too.

Most fathers in the subcontinent think bringing up the kid is primary duty of the mother. Though this thought is changing gradually – it has not changed completely.

Fathers have to be Teetotalers when they are bringing up kids. Most fathers did not realize the importance of this. Kids are turning to be early smokers. The average of age of alcohol consuming and smoking population in the Indian subcontinent is drastically coming down.

Kids are walking into wrong path due to poor parenting. Parents are not doing their job correct. Kids are exposed to dangerous super hero characters. Kids self immolated for Sakthi Man and Power rangers in India. Unfortunately kids are being abused and used for incorrect purposes too.

Kids are taking heavy junk food. Kids are exposed to Junk habits. Fathers feel providing the things requested by their kids is good parenting. Fathers are ready to pay when they have money. Only money decides their character instead of the nature of the commodity the kid consumes.

Unhealthy kids will create unhealthy nation. Both mentally and physically kids are facing problems. It is the duty of every parent to do best parenting.