Father Teresa is No More!



I heard his name when Geetha returned to her home. Geetha is now living in India. She is deaf and dumb – taken care by Edhi Foundation of Pakistan until the days she lived in Pakistan. She got lost into Pakistan decades back.The story of Geetha trended in Indian Media. They tried to bollywoodize the story in News Channels.

Abdul Sattar Edhi, the name then I heard kindled interested to know about him. Edhi was called as Father Teresa of Pakistan. He was considered to be greatest humanitarian in the subcontinent. He was a saint.

“He also wanted to donate his body parts, but only his cornea can be donated as rest of the organs were not in healthy condition,” said Faisal Edhi, Son of Edhi Saheb.

Edhi was possessing only couple of clothes for his life. Edhi did not take pay from his organization. Edhi was famous for his simple life. Edhi was laid to rest in Karachi – the city where he lived. His last journey was honored with government honors. I think, he is the first Pakistani non-political civilian get the honor of guard of honor and 19 gun salute. He deserved it.  The nation paid the respect to him. Edhi was a god living in earth for lot of people. His birth place was Gujrat.

I know only little about the Father Teresa. But I feel, we lost a great soul in this earth. Pakistan has lost a great human. Edhi was a family man. He survived with a wife and four children. He believed no religion is higher than humanity. That was his famous quote too. He was part and parcel of the religion humanitarianism. His service to human world was remarkable. It is not easy to live a life what Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi has lived. We pray for his soul to reside in peace.

NOTE: Edhi Saheb left the human world on 8th of July.


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  • May his tribe increase. His life is the real religion.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I never knew about him.