FIFA: India loves to Watch than to Kick


More than half of the globe is electrified. Everyone loves to kick now. It is Soccer season across the globe.

But the two major human producing industries of the world – India and China are not in the game of kicking.

Both the human production industries are not allured with football. There is no foot ball romance running in their nations.

But at least a decade of the percentage of these countrymen has their favorite players in their cards.

Being at Europe at the moment, I am really able to understand the electrification across the European Union.  Every European country is encouraging their teams and are emotional about their teams. Most European countries are smaller than most of our states. If European nations can have teams which can compete at world stage – I think, our states can do the same. But the Indian Union has to work for it.

Indians are betting on Brazil. But India is nowhere in the map of Soccer. We hold the same record in the Olympics too. We are cricket only playing country per the papers of the world.

Cricket is played most of the time by a dozen plus countries. That is the reason most of the time the quarter finals is named as Super six.

We love this ball !

Cricket is not enjoying a prestige in world stage.

Non-Soccer playing countries compensate in Olympics, an other world event than international event of 12+ countries.

A country of billion finds a difficult way to get into world stage of sports. This is not a good sign for sportsmen of the nation. India needs to work on this.

The Indian sports ministry is not able to do much, though there is little progress registered in the recent past.

Cricket is not too much active game like foot ball or athletics. One of my English friend said – ‘Cricket is not a male game’.

Playing cricket is not bad. But playing only cricket is bad.

It’s time for India – to think and Act.

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