Clasping Hands amidst shrouded Disbelief

When the ‘WAR on TERROR’ was announced by the former president of US, Mr. George W Bush – it was evident US required Pakistan to win the war. Pakistan, which was created from India in the year of 1947 on the lines of a separate nation for Muslims – has to work with its western masters to fight against Muslim fundamentalists in its own soil and its neighboring Afghanistan.
War-on-Terrorism-PakistanPakistan was headed by its military general Mushraf, when Bush administration announced the ‘WAR on TERROR’ . Mushraf was playing a dual role in Pakistan. His government had all chance to know the whereabouts of Bin Laden.But still US had no choice other than hoping on the crescent star nation.

The recent statement by General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – which was a written answer to the questions by the Senate Armed Services Committee reveals the need of Pakistan. But the Trust deficit of US over Pakistan is evident. The Present President of US, Mr Barack Obama has openly criticized the regime of Mr. Bush – stating Pakistan is using US financial aid against their long time regional enemy to the green flag, the tricolor India.
The Answer by the General states “Our strategic interests and national security goals remain to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda and to prevent the return of safe havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” “This will not be possible without Pakistan’s support,”
The General also notes that the Pakistan Army is playing a vital role in the exercise to achieve the goal of United States. The General acknowledges that Pakistan army is vital at lower level to crush the terrorist outfits. Pakistan’s Army Chief Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and the General are engaged productively. General Dempsey promises to bring regional stability. General recommends sustaining US forces via sea lift to Pakistan and then ground movement through Pakistan to Afghanistan.
But the main point to be noted is his answer contains the trust deficit between the nations. He acknowledges, Pakistan is not acting on the expected lines though it has taken counter insurgency against militants in Swat,North and South Waziristan, Mohmand and Bajaur provinces. He points out the mixed reactions in the muslim country.
The New Pakistan government has to walk on the string carefully. The balancing act is much required to the Nawaz Sherif government. While Imran Khan, the cricketer turned politician who is the prime opponent to the government in the elected parliament – is being called as Taliban Imran. It might be difficult for the government to act too much on the expectations of the US. At this juncture, Al Jazeera has accessed the Pakistan government reports stating the Intelligence agencies in Pakistan were aware of Bin Laden’s residence may be as early as 2009. Mushraf was saying that he had no clue in past which is – the same time Pakistan had knowledge of the residence of Bin Laden. He was lying to the international community.
The fact is US cannot believe Pakistan. But US has very less choices.

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