Fighting for Nothing !

Human is Beast and Best (Courtesy: Being Human album image)

Most of the workspaces in Indian cultural arena are multi-talented and pretty diverse. In recent past, I have had meetings with my colleagues. I felt it is not difficult for a situation to get more emotional or tensed.

This applies to all fields in the Indian context. Information Technology is no exception. The Experience or inexperience does not matter in most of the cases.

I sometimes feel it is easy to convince foreigners than Indians.

This sometimes paves way for spoiling personal relations with each other. I was trapped in this sometimes and lost best of my colleagues. A nation which taught Yoga to the world has to think, how to have emotions of employees in positive direction.

Human Resource management in India is not yet matured. Organizational behavior is not taught even to the managers of the company. Human relations are at stake.

It is going to create a bad image to India in the fields where foreigners are also part of the program.


The Hard working Indians getting bad name for not team playing or getting emotional has to be handled with caution and care. The Indian Managers are incapable of doing this most of the time. Human Resource department has to take a note on this.

Heated discussions may achieve better solutions for a product but end of the day after demolishing all the personal relations is of no use.

Managers are not seen as neutral. The same applies to HRs. Managers are looking employees as machines who can make money – not as human beings. This is the thought which runs on the veins of Indian employees.

This has health and psychological impacts to everyone and this spoils the working environment. It is better to understand everyone.

Stress is not good for anything. Better not to fight for nothing.

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