The Fire Rises! — ‘Creofire’ Turns Three



Looking back the path we have come has certainly offered much to feel elated about and almost nothing to regret upon. Truly while we started Creofire, personally, I never thought we could make it to where we stand now. Me and my closest friend Arun would discuss how we basically wish to light the beacon of knowledge with the tiniest of the sparks we have in our minds. We truly wish and hope, some day in the future Creofire will become a platform for thinkers and people who are concerned with the welfare of humanity in the grandest of scale. It’s an immense pleasure to understand that we do have a sizable readership, silently supporting our hardships through their constant visits and sharing their views every now and then through their comments. I too feel that many of our readers share the empathy for the voiceless and oppressed, which stands as one of the driving forces, which keep us working.

Never have we believed- not one in the team, not once- in ‘hits’ hunt.  Our intention is neither money nor popularity. Just bridging the brains to transport what is bestowed -silently spreading the light of knowledge bundled with compassion and empathy that has mercifully shining- upon us.  I would like to take this opportunity to remember with affection Mr. Matheikal, Ms. Sunitha, Mr. Arun Prasadh, Ms.Shweta Dave. Dear pals, you are the reasons that keep our hope alive for if not your constant sharing and reflections through your comments, we would’ve trashed our dream of making Creofire a forum for exchange of idea as hallucinating mirages. Thank you all. I should also note here Mr. Kartick Angara’s responses. Though very recent, Sir, your comments deserve to be stand alone articles throwing extra light on the topics we take to ponder over.

Creofire is very personal to me than the rest of my mates in the team, for I named my boy Creo. Creo was born six days after my first kid Creofire was born. He turns three, twelfth of this month. When I hear or think of the word Creo, therefore, mean to me as a kid not just as a website (or blog you may call) filled with words and thoughts. Love you all with all I have.




A fulfilling life is different to each person. For our Creofire team, the constant pursuit of knowledge gives the much-needed fulfillment in life. It’s what taken our radiant little dream ‘Creofire’ into its third year.  I should thank my brothers & friends, Jo and Venkatesh (our admin) for establishing an abode to share the information and thoughts, born from cognition. Of course, I am not a writer or blogger with unparalleled skills. I was just a movie blogger, whose range of thoughts & opinions widened after starting writing for ‘Creofire’. So it has and will be a learning experience for me.

Content wise, we have striven to discuss variety of topic, taking a holistic approach. We have tried talking about issues plaguing those rendered as ‘voiceless’. Our thirst for unique content would never pave way for ‘possibly attractive but ‘basically meaningless’ contents. Our quantity of posts has surged to great levels (837 posts) but what we are more interested is the quality. We hope that our ideological and socioeconomic views incite like-minded individuals. We aren’t standing at a place of authority and passing you the information; we are just ladders and by reading our articles, we want you climb upon to profoundly learn new things that are plaguing & enlivening our fellow human beings.

From the perspective of ‘hits’ and ‘likes’, I think we haven’t reached the higher levels we had dreamed of. There are times I personally felt bad or irritated, when hours of spending time on writing a article is met with less than 50 or 100 ‘hits’. Social media have definitely not furthered our site’s reach. But we aren’t unhinged by these. I won’t pretend and say that I have never cared about traffic, although the lack of views isn’t driving our quality or interest in writing. Apart from the active readers & commenters Jo has mentioned, I also want to thank my friends at ‘High on Films’ website, Pallavi, Sachin, and Kartik Angara for their kind words and elucidating thoughts. And, I also thank our numerous ‘silent’ readers. Our quest for knowledge will continue.


Keep Reading! Happy Thinking!

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  • sunita

    The tiny spark that you guys have ignited have indeed created a fire that is raging into the blogosphere ..hearty congrats on your wonderful journey and wishing you many years of spectacular blogging…