My Five Favorite Movies of Bollywood (in 2013)


I am neither Arun nor Jo (my fellow creofirens) who know the nuances of movies and can make others fall in love for the movies they adore due to their knowledge in movies. I simply love movies without knowing in and out of it. Though my movie taste is simple and less, this time I had fewer movies for a list that consists of the best of 2013 from bollywood.



I was called for Ram leela by my co-worker. Initially, I was not interested. But the movie was awesome and a perfect pack of Sanjay Leela Bansali. Bansali has crafted the movie with all the mix, the movie needed. Deepika and Ranveer did possess the best on-screen chemistry. The movie was inspired by immortal Shakespeare tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ But the Indian flavor was correctly cooked by the magic of Bansali. Everyone did their best job for the commercial movie. The length of the movie did not annoy me because of the best ingredients and composition of the movie. I liked the extravagant songs and heavy crowd presence in the screen. Sometimes, I felt the crowd on-screen is more than the crowd in the theater. A thumbs up for Bansali’s RAM LEELA.



To me it looked like first Tamil movie in Bollywood. The movie was heavily influenced by Tamil Movies. Few of the scenes were fork lifted from Tamil movies with no hesitation. Rohit shetty style is mass movie. He made the same. This is another Madras cut movie and sometimes it is a real madras movie. Though Deepika tried her level best to pronounce Tamil – she is yet to learn the living classical language. Sharukh even at 40, still lover boy – Grow up India. Tamils were stereotyped. I liked the songs used to convey thoughts by the lead characters. Tamils may not like the movie. The movie seems to be another version of okkadu of telugu or killi of Tamil. But I liked the courage of Shetty to make a hindi movie with these many Tamil stars Even K Balachandar’s Ek Thuje Ke liye didn’t had this much Tamil.


As usual Irfan Khan robbed my heart with his honest performance as the protagonist, Fernandez in “Lunch Box.” Falling in love for someone not known is an tricky and interesting concept. The director has to be appreciated for this. I was explaining the dabbawalas for my non-indian friends. The movie is released all over the world. It is a critically acclaimed movie of the year. The story is narrated in correct phase and the cinematography matches it.



Bringing back the history in celluloid by taking an largely unknown history is a big challenge, director Sircar wouldd have faced while making the movie. Nonetheless, the director has done a great job. The director has done few factual errors in the movie. But the attempt has to be appreciated. Ajay Ratnam, the LTF leader mimed LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. The honey trap and reading of intercepts by RAW and trying to save the leader was good job gone waste as Rajiv was lost. Rajiv Gandhi, Prabhakaran and RAW might not have been the same as director imagined. But the attempt is to be appreciated for taking a hard line subject. The movie was not released in the state of Tamil Nadu, where Rajiv was assassinated. India is democratic. Everyone has their right to air their thoughts. I liked the movie. We may need such movies in Bollywood. Except for Mani Ratnam we don’t have many directors to effectively take current affairs or issue based movies.


This brought me mixed emotions. I am not lover of any Dhoom movies in the past. Aamir Khan did a great job in the movie. The movie is not great per my thoughts. Trying to recreate the magic of Dhoom with different actors may be a good recipe for the copy cat Bollywood industry. They are not going to stop the business with this title until we say ‘No’. But the movie was not too bad to scold at. It was a okay movie. This is what you can expect from Hollywood freaky copying directors of Bollywood. Aamir stay away from these people. You can make best movies.

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  • I love your honesty. I haven’t seen Ram Leela yet and maybe I will try and catch it now. The rest are also the movies that enjoyed this year. Lunch Box and Irfan stole my heart when I saw the promo itself.